by Weight of the World



released June 10, 2012

Recorded with Daniel @ Iceman Studios



all rights reserved


Weight of the World Port St. Lucie, Florida

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Track Name: Struggle
Picture perfect, statuesque,
Adonis complex fucking nonsense; these fragile minds obsess over marketed success
Cold and controlling
Emotion-fearing and “masculine”
So to “be a man” you’re taught to hold it in instead

And we wonder why
we all struggle
to find comfort
in our skin

Pedals wilt
while Flowers bloom
in an empty room
with a girl, a tv screen and the distorted lies of magazines.
Your self- doubt is just business to them
Don’t buy what they try to sell you, don’t listen to what they fucking tell you anymore.
We wonder why
we still struggle
to find comfort
in our skin
We wonder why the cycle starts all over again
Track Name: Disappear
I am mother nature’s bastard seed

pre-disposed genetically
To sink into myself and come undone
To deal with struggle all alone
The only way that I’ve ever known
I am my father’s son
I can’t stand to hear my phone ring
Tonight, I need the silence instead.
I learned everything about coping
From parents who sleep in separate beds

So I sit here alone, feel my skin and my bones
Turn to stone.
And I just want to hear
the soft hum of solitude in my ears
until everything disappears.